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7 thoughts on “Contact Jane

  1. I second Maryann’s Cortland apples. My husband alerted me to them when we first married. Excellent for eating and pies.

    Debbie M, Bielers on Canton Rd has ground Poppy Seeds


  2. Jane, I also hate fruitcake, but found one that is actually very good. Mustard Seed has one from Vermont that is PACKED with real dried fruit like apricots and dates. It is a bit pricey, but worth it.

  3. Jane…

    Tell Tony to stop by Walterville when you get home and I will come out of retirement long enough to carve him a camper sign.

    Ric Walter

  4. Jane, I’m sure I speak for the entire store in thanking you for your kind blog mentioning West Point Market. While we have certainly had our share of growing pains, we are striving to be the West Point Market that people remember. Your generous words will certainly help to let people know that we are back, and slowly but surely, growing into the store that they all knew and loved. Again, thank you so much.
    Bill Krauss
    Wine Director
    West Point Market

  5. Jane I use my Instance Pot to boil water. My gas stove does not have a superburner so it is much faster. Aside from all the other great things it does.

  6. Hi Jane! A voice from your KR-TNG past! It is do good to “find” you. Love what I’ve read so far..look forward to more. Lynda (Hanner) Karlson

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